Budget Series: Spring Break under $30

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Being in a full-time career and still looking forward to having a spring break is not something to take for granted! It makes me SO happy! As a teacher, I enjoy the chance it gives me to regain my sanity recharge. I also can spend time either visiting friends or family, traveling with E, or just enjoy being home. This year my mom is coming for 5 days and I can hardly wait for shopping, pool days, brunch, long walks, fancy dinners, pinterest projects, and girl time!

In case you get a spring break like me, or perhaps you are planning a spring trip in the coming weeks, I decided it was time to look for some budget-friendly pieces to make it even better. See some spring fun-spiration under $30 on the shopping boards below!

Budget Series

Spring Break Fun:

1. Clothes and Accessories you need for Spring Break at the Pool or Beach

Ultimately, I hope that days off of work will bring relaxation. I can’t think of a better way to relax than to spend some time in warm weather around water. The towel, bikini, sunglasses, and tote come in other colors, too!

(Click on any of the images below to go to the exact product.)

2. Clothes and Accessories you need for going out over Spring Break

Another thing I love about a break from work is the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. I have the best time planning brunches or coffee dates to catch up since most of the time it’s hard to squeeze those in! Typically, my favorite outfit for hanging out in town includes a dress or skirt, thus my inspiration for the outfits below. (The mini bucket bag [$31.22 on sale, regular $39 ] & shimmery pave necklace [$35] were irresistible to pair with these outfits and are over $30. Everything else is under $30.)

(Click on any of the images below to go to the exact product.)

When you take a day (or days) off in the springtime, what are your favorite things to do and wear?

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