Charlotte Tilbury: My Experience + Review

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Nordstrom | Charlotte Tilbury | Makeup and Beauty | Teacherfashionista | Jules

I was so fortunate and honored to be invited to collaborate with Nordstrom and attend their Charlotte Tilbury launch at my local store on May 6th. I scheduled an appointment with their beauty counter in advance, and when I arrived, was greeted by all sorts of friendly and BEAUTIFUL makeup artists. They took me on a little tour of their event which included refreshing coconut water, inviting beauty stations, a DJ with some seriously rocking tunes, a “movie star” quality photo booth, and of course their gorgeous lit-up makeup counter featuring Charlotte Tilbury’s 10 different looks. Nina was my artist, and she proudly took her time telling me about each product she used in my “makeup makeover.”

Nordstrom | Charlotte Tilbury | Makeup and Beauty | Teacherfashionista | Jules

(The dress I wore is from Nordstrom, and my “Valentino dupe” rockstud sandals are from Target.)

Nordstrom | Charlotte Tilbury | Makeup and Beauty | Teacherfashionista | Jules

My “before” picture


Charlotte Tilbury’s line is meant to help you glow, and not just on the outside. Her belief and message to women everywhere? “…every woman wants to feel beautiful, powerful and sexy and makeup is a great way to achieve this. Makeup gives you INSTANT CONFIDENCE. It’s about feeling as fabulous on the outside as you do on the inside.” My 2 favorite parts about trying the Charlotte Tilbury line was the passion the makeup artists have for the cosmetics, and the glow the line gives my skin!

The Products

Here are the products that Nina used on my makeover:

Eyes + Brows:

Instant “Look in a Palette”An eye-brightener-enhancer + smoke color, a face bronzer & highlighter, and pop of blush.

Brow Lift 3-Way Eyebrow PencilGENIUS product! Eyebrow pencil, brush, and brow bone highlighter all in one pencil.

The Classic Eye Powder PencilShe used this to go along with the colors of the palette in the color “Audrey”. I would use this as a day-time look. At night, I prefer a darker, thicker color. This did look extra dramatic by taking some of the “smokey” color from the palette and using a smudge shadow brush along the lash line.

Legendary Lashes MascaraAdded volume, separated the lashes, and made them look dark and long. I used a 3 coats when I put it on and it got better and better each time!


Magic CreamSpendy, but felt o so good! Meant to be applied with upward strokes and a face massage – who doesn’t need that? 🙂

Wonder GlowThis primer took my redness away. I was amazed. As someone who has dealt with red and blotchy skin all of my life, I loved how this primer could be used as an on-the-go look, or to help build for full coverage.

Light WonderThis is the foundation. You can layer it with Wonderglow as well as the retoucher.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Micro-PowderFinish off your look with this powder for an airbrushed look.

The RetoucherConcealer. Soon I’ll only need it for under my eyes since I’m on Accutane! (Read more about that here.)


“Lip Cheat” Lip LinerUsed the color “Pillowtalk” and LOVED it!

“Pillow Talk” Matte Revolution Luminous LipstickAgain, just loved this pretty pink neutral color!

“Lip Lustre” Luxe Color-Lasting Lip LacquerSince I’m a gloss girl, she topped it off with the color “Hall of Fame”.

every woman wants to feel beautiful, powerful and sexy and that makeup is a great way to achieve this.

Nina & Me

My Wishlist

Nordstrom was so kind to gift me a few of the products Nina used. I currently have the “Look in a Palette” in my cart to order – it’s genius having everything you need for your eyes & contouring all in one. The other things I’d love to get from her line are Scent of a Dream fragrancethe “Pillow Talk” lipstick, lip liner, and lip “Hall of Fame” lacquer she used for my look, and the micro-powder. Something I’m interested in trying for more of an extended amount of time is the Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask. I’m curious to see how it feels overnight and looks in the morning!

every woman wants to feel beautiful, powerful and sexy and that makeup is a great way to achieve this.

My before & after side-by-side.

My Overall Review

My overall impression of the Charlotte Tilbury line is, in fact, that it gives a summer glow. Being someone who is trying to take better care of my skin, this is so appealing. The bronzing components in these products look so natural on my skin, leaving a sun-kissed glow without sun exposure. And, after getting home and having the makeup on for a few hours, my skin still felt very soft, and not sticky.

My favorite product? SO hard to choose! I would have to say that after trying the Legendary Lashes Mascara, I kept noticing how dark and defined my eyelashes were. It’s got to be one of my top products along with the “Look in a Palette.”

Another cool thing about Charlotte Tilbury is that Nordstrom has links to video tutorials as well as how to achieve 10 different looks right on their store site. I’m definitely all about the tutorials with makeup since I’m relatively new to the makeup world! This launch event got me so excited to dive into these beautiful products on a daily basis.

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Thanks for reading! Leave a comment for any questions or makeup ideas — I’m always enjoying connecting with my readers! 🙂


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