Closet Staples, Part 1

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As my first blog series, I thought I’d dive right into teacher style since it is near and dear to my heart! I know that when I first started student teaching, one of my biggest worries was whether or not I’d show up in something professional enough, yet still comfortable enough to stand in and walk around in throughout the day. Because, let’s be real – teachers rarely never sit down! Now that I’ve been teaching for 8 years, I have some pieces of clothing I depend on – and that is what this series will feature.

If you are starting to build your wardrobe, or want to add to it – here are some of the basics to help you start building!

Closet Basics

1. Black Skinnies: These are professional enough because they are black, and comfortable enough because they are almost like wearing jeans! I like wearing skinnies the most with flats (either sandals or ballet), but they are also cute with kitten heels.

2. Layering Cami: I use camis under everything. Think button downs, tees, and sheer tops. It hides bra outlines, keeps your top high and modest, and makes your more sheer-style tops work-appropriate.

3. Chambray Top a or b: I know this tends to be more of a popular fall/winter style, but finding a light-weight chambray top is worth every penny! It is versatile in every season! In the warmer months, roll up the sleeves and garnish with jewelry or colorful skinnes. In the cooler and even colder months, add a scarf or sweater and you’re set with trending layers!

4-6. Versatile Flats a, b, or c: Finding flats that go with many colors, styles, and types of clothing is key in getting the most bang for your buck. I always like to make sure they will not only go with my different pants, but also a few of my dresses or skirts. Choosing flats that have patterns or colors brings flare to any outfit without even trying!

7. Simple Earrings: Find some earrings that go with both gold and silver jewelry. I always try to find some that won’t take away from the other jewelry I may be wearing whether it’s a watch, bracelets, or a necklace. However, these still make a statement if I happen to forget the other stuff! LOL! (It happens!)

8. Statement Bracelet: Usually, on any given day, you’ll catch me in bracelets more often than you’ll catch me with a statement necklace on. (Let’s face it – teachers have enough things hanging around their neck… I.D., keys, reward tickets, microphone…) I love finding bracelets that accent my watch, or add sparkle to an otherwise simple (and sometimes plain) outfit. Plus, I feel like with this particular bracelet, it can mix well with silver and gold.

Outfit details:

 Earrings  | Necklace from Be You Jewelry  |  Flats |  Mug  |

What are some of your “must-have” staples? Happy shopping!

Hope you will come back next Friday to see my next post on this series!