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Fall Home and Fashion Inspo | Teacherfashionista | Jules

Fall home decor and fall fashion are some of the simple things that make me feel happy when the first day of autumn rolls around. Sometimes I wait until October to break things out of our storage bins, but I couldn’t help but get it all out and hope that the cool temperatures would follow!

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Fall Closet Inspo

This season, I’ve noticed a lot of neutral outfits and accessories are trending again. I find that this really helps mix and match things in my closet which supports less shopping and more use out of things I already have. Get ready to layer your tees, skirts, and dresses with plaid and denim to easily transition your summer favorites into fall. I put together some fall outfit inspiration as well as shared what’s newer in my closet for fall, and what I’m currently crushing on… click on any image below to shop!

In my Closet


Fall Outfit | Fall Dress | Teacherfashionista | Jules

Fall Dress: from Daytime to Date night!

Sneaker Hack:

If you like the look of Golden Goose sneakers, but don’t want to commit to the high cost of owning a pair, I have a great hack for you! Simply buy a similar style like these, then add printed or dark laces to match a GG pair you like!

Currently Crushing

Fall Home Decor Inspo

Since we moved 2 years ago, I’ve really found a groove with using and storing only 3 seasons of decorations. This helps me easily reuse the same tubs (I just switch the decor out), reuse decorations every year instead of buying all new, and add only minimal new pieces to my collection. My fall stuff is slowly but surely coming together, and I’m not in a rush to fill every space… I have years to do that, LOL! Last year I found a BEAUTIFUL amber vase and used it as a centerpiece on our dining table and it’s in that spot again. This year, I added an ‘autumn’ art piece to my entry table and a little corn husk pumpkin to my living room shelves. Everything else I’ve really just had over years and I like them, so keep them around. I put together some fall home inspiration as well as shared what I have and love, and what’s newer in my decor ‘collection’ …click on any image below to shop!

Have or Have Similar


Fall Home Decor | Teacherfashionista

corn husk pumpkinautumn wall art

Fall Home Decor | Fall Home Inspo | Teacherfashionista | Jules

Fall Decor around our Home

Decor Hack:

I got this floating frame from Target and am using it to switch out the prints that I put on my living room shelf each season. I simply go on Etsy, search for quotes or prints that match the current season like this one (or favorite quotes in general), pay less than $5 to print at home, and update it in the frame. This saves money, and also lets you custom your decor to your personal taste even more.

Also Loving

Anything catch your eye? I shared a little tour of my home decor on my Instagram and saved it in my “FALL” highlight if you want to see more!

Have a wonderful week, and I wish you a beautiful October!


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  1. Okay… I LOVE that you shared all your fall decor! I’m about to go throw all mine out and just buy what you have! lol! It’s so pretty!!!! Also… those Chelsea bodies from DSW are calling my name!

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