Hello Blogging World!

Teacher Fashionista2015 in Review

So here I am….. blogging?! I need a nervous emoji face here……

Blogging in general is not new for me. But blogging for fashion and personal style? That’s new! I am so excited to say hello to all of my followers in this new venue! Let me introduce myself a little bit, in case you don’t know me yet.

My name is Jules, and I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend, Christian, fur-mommy, and teacher. I started my “fashion journey” back in the 80’s with wild clothing choices that my mom found hilarious and unique. Were any of you making your own fashion statements at a young age? Back then on any given day, you’d find me in loud, floral, stirrup leggings and some sort of crazy mis-matched shirt, hair down to my waist, and the big bangs that we all hated had.

Time has FLOWN by, and I find myself 30, flirty, and thriving. (I’m a major chick-flick-aholic.) I have been happily married to my husband Eric for just over 4 years now, although it feels like I have known him and been in love with him forever – he truly is a gift from God and my best friend.


I am a teacher and I just love my job! Through the past 8 years, my career has found me as a preschool teacher, 1st Grade Teacher, Reading Interventionist, and finally – my favorite – a Kindergarten Teacher. My highest Kindergarten class size was 30, my lowest 20 – and I have had just about every class size in between. When I come home after a long day of work, I walk in the door of the beautiful home we are renting, and am greeted by not only E, but 2 of the cutest little Shorkie pups you’ll ever see: Amy & Max.


Max (3 yrs) / Amy (5 yrs)

My goal in blogging? To share more than just daily fashions. To help teachers (and others) who want to find budget-friendly fashions that look high-end. To be a girl you can connect with whether it be about fashion, shopping, health, teaching, …..anything! My hope is to be an “everyday girl.” My blog is in its beginning stages at this point – so you might see changes later on here and there. And, right now, my photos are taken with my iPhone. But, I have dreams of investing in a nice camera to use instead, and dare I say maybe even a hobby photographer who can capture my “fashion-worthy moments” now and then. I’m keeping it simple because I’m on a teacher’s budget, and I am truly writing this blog as something fun to do on the side. (A girl can dream, though!)

You can read a quick “About Me” here – it tells you in just a few simple words what brought me to Instagram as a “fashionista” two years ago, and eventually to the blogging world.

I am so happy you stopped by my blog! Please take a look around, and come by often!