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Back to School | Classroom Decor | School Decor | | Teacherfashionista

*This post was created in collaboration with and I was gifted their items in exchange for my personal and honest review. All opinions are my own.

With August right around the corner, going back to school starts weighing on everyone’s mind! As a teacher, I am so excited that my partnership with this month was shopping for “back to school” decorations – things you can utilize in your classroom. Almost every teacher I know has some things on their class wish list, is hunting for fresh decorations, or has started planning out their units.

This is actually my first classroom-related post. Through feedback I’ve gotten on Instagram stories, I am planning to share more of my classroom decor and ideas on my blog this year. I am also planning to have some new teacher outfit idea posts up for “meet the teacher night” and open house, too! Today I’m featuring some SUPER cute canvas bins, a personalized decal, inspirational prints, colorful felt garlands, and a life-organizer. Read below for links and ideas!

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Back to School: Canvas Bins

These bins are CUTE! I am so happy with the quality of the product and material, as well as the numerous pattern choices. Since I teach kindergarten, I have quite a few “free choice” toys like stuffed animals, blocks, puppets, dress up, kitchen & doll house toys, matchbox cars, etc. In the past I have used baskets for my soft things like stuffed animals and dress up clothes, but this year I am so excited to use these canvas bins! They are much cuter than a basket by far and won’t crack or break as easily! Back to School | Classroom Decor | School Decor | | Teacherfashionista

Link for canvas bins, c/o Jane: Click here

Back to School: Personalized Decal

Having personalized items in the classroom at the teacher’s desk makes your space feel more homey! On, I not only found decals for mugs or waterbottles, but also a personalized keyboard wrist rest, personalized mousepads, keychains, and more. I got a decal for my Yeti, and LOVE how it turned out. I think it would also look cute on the back of my computer, on my pencil cup, or my desk caddy that holds my scissors, stickers, and notepads. I have my eye on a personalized mouse pad, too.Back to School | Classroom Decor | School Decor | | Teacherfashionista

Link for decal c/o Jane: Click here

Back to School: Inspirational Prints

I love having inspirational prints in my teacher desk “nook” as well as near my classroom door. Whenever I hang posters or messages on the door, my students always notice and ask me “What does that say?”, so I am constantly looking for ones that promote positivity, hard work, and kindness. I like meaningful phrases that are good for both adults and children. always has cool prints available, and also offers Disney-inspired ones sometimes, too!Back to School | Classroom Decor | School Decor | | Teacherfashionista

Link for these prints c/o Jane: Click here

Back to School: Felt Garlands

You may have noticed the neutral felt garland with the prints (above). featured a boutique that was selling all sorts of colorful and specific felt garlands! I LOVE this item. We decorate windows at our school since the hallways are outdoors, so I know this will go in there perfectly. I chose bright colors since my room is mostly primary colors. I also could see a garland like this looking cute on a bulletin board, a word wall, a door/doorway , or on a sign-in table on “meet the teacher” night.Back to School | Classroom Decor | School Decor | | Teacherfashionista

Link for Felt Garlands c/o Jane: Click here

Back to School: Life Organizer

I am one of those people who has a desk calendar at school, a calendar in my phone, and a “master” planner/organizer at home. I like to keep track of personal appointments or meetings, weekly school themes or special events, my goals, all the bill dates, and more in one place. This organizer/planner has a lot of space to keep life in order, and fits in your bag along with a tablet or computer to go between home and school if needed. You can personalize the front, too!Back to School | Classroom Decor | School Decor | | Teacherfashionista

Link for life organizer c/o Jane: Click here

Back to School: Teacher Outfit

Of course no post on my blog would feel complete without a little fashion! 😉 I purchased this skirt from Jane because I love the midi and pencil style, and have really been into white and navy this summer. I think it will look awesome paired with either color.

Back to School | Classroom Decor | School Decor | | Teacherfashionista

Cynthia Blush Pencil Skirt (I got a S)  |  Tie Top- White / Navy  |  Similar Tote here and here  Necklace Platform Sandals c/o Jane

Back to School: More on

What I love about is that they bring things “back” quite often. And, if not, they get new or similar daily deals every few hours. Here are some other “back to school” things I saw and loved, too!

What other school-related posts would you like to see? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by to read – XO

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