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Maxi Dress | Loft Maxi Dress | Teacherfashionista | Jules

Eight school-days and counting until summer break! I feel so many mixed emotions this year because of a few reasons. First, I have had the smallest class of kindergarterners I’ve ever taught. It has been the biggest blessing to experience such an amazing teacher-to-student ratio! I have had SO much fun getting to know each child so much more deeply than I normally do. Secondly, I had an awesome intern this fall who came back as a student teacher this spring, and have had the BEST time watching her grow and teach in my classroom! Lastly, and possibly due to the first two reasons, the students have grown so close, and we have shared so many positive learning and growing experiences together. I don’t know if I’ve had enough time with them, and don’t think any of us will be ready for goodbyes come May 30.

Enough about teacher life… On to the fabulous dress in today’s post!

Ever have a day where you’re running late? How about one where you are standing in front of your closet trying to figure out what to wear? Time starts ticking by, and you need to pick something CUTE fast! Whenever I need a quick easy outfit and still want to feel my best self (and already wore my favorite olive skinnies, LOL!), I turn to the dresses in my closet. This maxi dress did ALL the work. I haven’t gotten so many compliments on a dress in quite some time, and it totally deserves each one! It needs simple accessories because of the bold pattern, is roomy in the right places (and has a side-slit for easy walking!), and is so perfect to just throw on and go.

Maxi Dress | Loft Maxi Dress | Teacherfashionista | Jules Maxi Dress | Loft Maxi Dress | Teacherfashionista | Jules


Maxi Dress (I am in a size 6, am 5’5″ and wore flats)  |  Sandals  Bag  / Budget-friendly Bag |  Similar Earrings

I think the beauty of most maxi dresses is how you can wear them for multiple outings, especially as a teacher: work, weekend, brunch, church, events (graduation/baby shower/bridal shower), family pictures, and more. I am adding a few other ways you can accessorize this dress below. (Click any image to shop!)

Thank you, as always, for stopping by my little spot on the internet. I appreciate you taking time to read, and hope you have a wonderful week ahead! XO

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