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Maurices just gets me. I have been a long-time shopper at this favorite boutique since back in high school. I grew up in rural southern Minnesota, which left me shopping at Walmart, ShopKo, and even Pamida! So once Maurices popped up in our teeny tiny mall, my sisters and I were ecstatic and went ALL THE TIME. They have been my go-to for dress pants, dresses, work clothes, casual clothes, jewelry, and shoes. I bought my first pair of Silver Jeans back in the day there, too!

So it is no surprise that my recent visit found me in this amazing Hanky Hem dress. After I put it on, I just knew it was for me. The fit is easy-going, with the hem giving it a simple flare. The tie around the middle gives it a nice shape, too. I paired it with some simple sandal heels and the whole outfit came together just like that! I linked this dress directly below, and also highly suggest you viewing even more summery dresses Maurices offers here, too. I also included a shopping board [below] with many more hanky hem dress options!

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Hanky Hem Dresses

Life Lately…

I have decided to start sharing more about our daily lives with you. When I first started on Instagram, I connected with a lot of bloggers and “Instafriends” when I got to know them deeper and their personal lives better. So, I thought using my blog to write about the ups and downs of life once in a while might help me hear from you as well! Perhaps we can connect through similar life events, changes, and stories. (So, do share!)

What a week! Eric had to have shoulder surgery on Friday, so our entire day was consumed with driving to the surgical center at 7AM, finding out there was a 2 hour delay, “wasting time” walking around Old Town, going back to the center, checking in and prepping for surgery, and finally around 11:30, he was off for repair. We are so grateful to finally get to the root of E’s shoulder pain and shoulder problems. He has always been a heavy lifter, so we assumed he may have torn something at the gym. However, an MRI showed he has developed a bone spur which over time has ripped through parts of his labrum and rotator cuff. The surgery removed the bone spur, and repaired the damage it caused.

The surgeon is very positive that everything will heal and E will be good as new in about 6 months! Wonderful news! I spent the weekend making quick trips to town to run errands, keeping track of the meds E has to take, making ice for our “Game Ready” compression machine, and spending time watching TV together. (Cheers marathon on Netflix, anyone!?) Luckily, being a teacher, I am off work for a few more weeks and can be helpful in his recovery process. Next Tuesday, we will be back for his check up to see how things are going. Soon, he will start PT, with the end goal of being healed up and starting back to the gym (to ease back in) by January.

I appreciate all of your messages and kind words of encouragement over the weekend, all! It means a lot to me that people were praying as well as sending positive vibes to keep us going. Eric and I are both grateful for overall great health, and definitely count it as a blessing! Happy Monday – I wish you a great week!

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