Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: My Picks and Outfits Under $60

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | My Picks Under $60 | Teacherfashionista | Jules

Good morning, all! As shared in my previous post, I am shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and also trying to keep my eyes peeled for some of the things I know you were looking for, tooNow this year’s shopping experience has not been all I’d hoped it would be since I’m coming off of a week having Influenza, and unable to be in the store to see how things fit and feel on. But while I browsed online, I did have fun pulling together some of the things that you as my readers requested: outfit ideas under $60! I had to get creative, as finding one complete outfit under $60 isn’t something one would typically be able to pull together at Nordstrom, but hopefully the outfits I share give you inspiration or maybe allow you to add one or two pieces you feel like your wardrobe could use.

Below, I created quite a few complete outfit carousels you can shop from. Keep in mind, each item is under $60 due to the sale prices – YAY! (Although in order for me to complete the outfit with a pair of shoes, I had to break the under $60 limit – but hopefully gives you some inspo for shoes you could pair with from your own closet, too.)

I will be sharing what I got during the sale when it comes in and I can give a review! I’ll show you more on my Instagram stories at that time, too.


OUTFIT 1: Leopard + Wine

OUTFIT 2: Wide Leg + Neutrals

OUTFIT 3: Floral + Color

OUTFIT 4: Print Mix + Snakeskin

OUTFIT 5: Classic + Blush

OUTFIT 6: Neutrals + Leopard

CASUAL OUTFIT 1: Jeans + Stripes

CASUAL OUTFIT 2: Jeans + Long Cardi


I debated on sharing some shoes, because unfortunately they are over $60. I went ahead and included my top favorites, as well as a number of accessories & random pieces included in the sale you may not want to skim over, too. (Remember that everything will only show up on sale to cardholders right now, but July 19th everyone will be able to enjoy the discounts.)

My Top Accessory & Random Picks Under $50

My Top Shoe Picks from the Sale

Thank you for reading, browsing, & shopping along with me! 🙂 It means a lot to me that you stop by my blog or Instagram because I love that we can build connections and community. I am also grateful when you choose to shop and buy through the links on my blog or in the APP and read my blog all year long. Your support may mean a small commission for me, and allows me to do this creative outlet on the side to supplement my teacher income.

If you picked something up, let me know!! 🙂 Can’t wait to show you what I found, too!


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